I first met Duccio Bertini in the south of Italy where he arranged a project for a big band recording for the great guitarist Dino Plasmati. I was immediately struck by his command of colors, imagination, and poise as a conductor. I soon after commissioned his to arrange a couple of arrangements of my original compositions. I was blown away by the liberties that he took while still staying true to the nature of my compositions. I knew then that we HAD to do more together. This started our discussions about doing a project featuring more of my compositions. He had such a natural feel for my writing and expanded it in ways I would never have thought of. Being a decent big band arranger myself, I had to pay homage to the direction he took my music. Incredible!
This brings me to the project that you are listening to today. Duccio Bertini is one of the most sympathetic and sensitive arrangers that I have met in my life. He somehow gets inside of the sensibilities of each composition on this project and still leaves room for me to be myself in my expression. What a gift!
I believe that he is someone who can be a great addition to the legacy of our music. The last person that I have felt that way was the late Bob Freedman. He can fill that void.The world is a big place with great talent all over the planet but at the same time becoming smaller so that someone as gifted as Duccio could and should become a major contributor to the Jazz scene here at home and around the world.
Please enjoy the masterful work of Duccio Bertini as you listen to this recording. This has been a “bucket list” moment for me as he with the essential and amazing help of Pablo Mazuecos, they both have assembled the best musicians from across Spain to participate in the making of this offering. It is a dream come true for me and I am beyond pleased at the result! I would also like to sincerely thank Pablo for giving me this great opportunity and the Valparaiso Foundation for hosting us all during this production in such a beautiful and inspiring place. Bravos!!!

Bobby Watson

Bobby Watson (alto sax)
Conduction and arrangements: Duccio Bertini

Clasijazz Big Band Pro
saxophones: Antonio González (alto sax), Juan Pedro Berrocal (alto sax), Enrique Oliver (tenor sax), Javier Ortiz (tenor sax), Sergio Albacete (baritone sax)
trumpets: David Pastor, Pep Garau, Julián Sánchez, José Carlos Hernandez
trombones: Vicent Pérez, Tomeu Garcías, Miguel Moisés, Pedro Pastor
piano: Daahoud Salim
guitar: Carlo Proto
bass: Bori Albero
drums: Alessandro Fabbri

Recorded in the Fundación Valparaíso (Mojacar, Spain) May 1st 2022