Moving Off

Duccio Bertini 5tet “Moving Off” – Splasch Records CDH1539.2 MOVING OFF: (self-)portraits about jazz A piano introduction… but what is it leading up to? Ba [...]

Cromatos Project

Franco Nesti & Duccio Bertini “Cròmatos Project” – Caligola Records 2136 In these days of singers – especially young women – who act girly-girly in Norah J [...]

A View on Standards

DUCCIO BERTINI & RAINBOW JAZZ ORCHESTRA “A VIEW ON STANDARDS” (Temps Record TR1474-GE14) I cannot claim to be an expert of big band history and tradition ( [...]

A Day in Barcelona

DUCCIO BERTINI & SUSANA SHEIMAN “A DAY IN BARCELONA” (Temps Record TR1604-GE16) It was in the air whether it was just a good start or whether the proposal [...]