“…resting in a drawer were various melodies that I had written over the years. I happened upon them while I was looking for something else in the general disorder of my daily life. I played them over and over until I felt compelled to record and publish them in a Cd. In the meantime I met Mike Warren whom I asked to write the lyrics. Mike is a poet-songwriter, a true lover of life and at one with his imagination…
The 9 songs that make up this project have distinct sounds; bluesy, jazz-waltz, latin-jazz, bossa-nova and progressive.
I wanted to surround myself with important musicians who could offer high quality professionalism as well as artistic sensitivity." Franco Nesti

1 Pancho
2 Winter Night Promenade
3 Praying For Peace
4 Sangò
5 Riddles
6 Old Shoes
7 Sandman’s Call
8 In Love
9 Mermaid’s Dance

Composition by Franco Nesti
Lyrics by Mike Warren expect Mermaid’s Dance by Franco Nesti
“Pancho” and “Sangò” arranged by Duccio Bertini

Franco Nesti (acoustic bass, electric bass, voice)
Claudio Giovagnoli (tenor sax)
Dario Cecchini (baritone sax, soprano sax, tenor sax, flute)
Luca Mariannini, Nicola Cellai (trumpet)
Filippo Zambelli (french horn)
Nicola Perferi (tuba)
Federico Bertelli (harmonica)
Ettore Bonafè (vibrafono, percussioni)
Eugenio Corsaro (piano, electric piano)
Jacopo Martini (acoustic guitar)
Nicola Privato (guitar)
Andrea Melani (drums)
Igor Cecchini (drums)
Titta Nesti (voice)
Cecilia Gordigiani, Giula Mottola, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Mike Warren (vocals)

Released: January 15th 2015

Independent production, “Versus" collects songs composed by the double bass player and singer Franco Nesti and by Mike Warren. The atmosphere takes us to those of a few decades ago: a club jazz, where the voice is an instrument that accompanies, tells, launches the theme followed by those that make up the combo. Perhaps nothing new from the sound point of view but certainly written with passion for a listening that is pleasant. Among the instrumentalists who revolve around the project, many important names in Tuscan jazz. – Michele Manzotti (Il popolo del Blues)