Dave Brubeck took Jazz to another level, with an exquisitely experimental production to the limit with contemporary cultured music and the search for new sounds, nevertheless always managing to approach a large audience (“Time out” of 1959 was the first album jazz to have reached one million sales). Pupil of Milhad, pioneer of odd rhythms in jazz, standard bearer of the “Third Stream” (the fusion of jazz and classical), leader of one of the most popular groups in the world, singular and recognizable pianist, Brubeck undoubtedly left to the music of the twentieth century a very rich legacy.
To celebrate this artist, Ognissanti Suona il Jazz Festival produced a concert whoserepertoire will be dedicated entirely to his music, arranged in an orchestral form by Duccio Bertini, with an ensemble with a sound on the border between classical and jazz and including some of the best musicians of the Italian jazz scene. The concert will be enriched by the magnificent soloist Pietro Tonolo on tenor and soprano sax as guest of the project.
The “Ognissanti suona il Jazz” festival, directed by the Circolo delle Quinte cultural Association, returns months after the November 1st 2020 with a streaming concert on a symbolic date, Friday 30 April, International Jazz Day established by Unesco in 2011. This third edition was obviously postponed over time due to the ongoing health emergency for COVID-19.

Artimino Jazz Ensemble:
Direction and arrangements: Duccio Bertini
Guest-star: Pietro Tonolo (tenor sax, soprano)
Marco Bini (tenor sax, soprano), Dario Cecchini (baritone sax, bass clarinet, flutes), Mirco Rabitti (trumpet), Mario Bruno (horn), Federico Pierantoni (trombone), Lorenzo Borneo (violin), Daniele Iannaccone (viola) , Cristiano Sacchi (cello), Francesco Zampini (guitar), Ferdinando Romano (double bass), Andrea Beninati (drums)

(Photos by Valentina Bellini)