Symphonic projects include projects performed with symphonic orchestra and string quartets (with or without a jazz rhythm section) as conductor, composer, arranger or transcriber.

Clifford Brown with Strings
Conduction and transcription by Duccio Bertini

Trumpet solo, string orchestra (vln, vla, celli) and jazz rhythm section

“Clifford Brown with Strings (EmArcy Records 195J-6) takes pride of place among the most beautiful string jazz albums  recorded to date. His luminous and lyrical voice, his melodic depth, adheres to the strings with such subtlety, to generate a sound framework similar to the fluttering of a butterfly over a flowery field. All this thanks to the beautiful arrangements of Hefti, but above all to the magical way of reading the melodies of Brown.
This project was performed by the Granada-born trumpeter Julián Sánchez in the role of star soloist, quasi Brownie, rhythmic jazz section – a fabulous quartet made up of the pianist Pablo Mazuecos, the guitarist Arturo Palenzuela, the double bass player Iván Vallejo and the very young José Carlos. González on drums—, a string section of nine members — 5 violins, 2 violas and 2 cellos — under the accurate baton of Duccio Bertini, once again forced to transcribe on the patterned paper of the staff the music that reaches his ears and sensibility. , note by note, instrument by instrument, score by score, creative but always faithful to the spirit of the lyrics, to the very heart of the music.” José Santiago Lardón (Clasijazz, July 2019)

David Pastor & Miguel A. Navarro “Symphonic Jazz Sketches”
Arrangements by Duccio Bertini

Trumpet solo, symphonic orchestra (fl, ob, cl, bsn, horn, tp, timp, perc, harp, vln, vla, celli, cbs) and jazz rhythm section

Symphonic Jazz Sketches explodes onto the musical calendar as an open-ended project, seeking to bridge the gap between two seemingly opposite genres.
David Pastor’s solo trumpet provides the link between both styles, accompanied by a quartet of renowned jazz musicians and a classical orchestra.
The compilation of Symphonic Jazz Sketches’ repertoire carries the signature of the Italian composer and arranger Duccio Bertini , who has delicately adapted some of jazz’s most popular numbers to the sonic fullness offered by a symphonic orchestra.
David Pastor & Miguel A. Navarro Symphonic Jazz Sketches is a project rooted in the openness of music and its capacity to blur differences of all kinds, uniting musicians from different worlds on the same stage to create something together, to seek that same fusion and elimination of borders in the audience.

Ruben Simeo with Symphonic Orchestra
Arrangements by Duccio Bertini

Trumpet solo + symphonic orchestra (woodwinds, brass, harp, percussions, strings)

Project focusing on the figure of spanish classical trumpet Ruben Simeo in a symphonic format that includes classical composition (such as the Adagio from Concerto d’Aranjuez) or jazz/pop tunes arranged by Duccio Bertini.

Susana Sheiman & Duccio Bertini “Lady in Satin” of Billie Holiday
Conduction and transcription by Duccio Bertini

voice, symphonic orchestra (fò, ob, cl, tmb, harp, choir, vln, vla, celli), jazz rhythm section

One of the most beautiful albums in jazz history (Columbia Records CS 8048), Billie Holiday’s last lament, fifteen songs of heartbreaking lyricism transcribed for symphony orchestra and presented in a new one.
It has been thanks to the impressive transcription work of the composer and arranger Duccio Bertini. Impressive hours and dedication to transcribe note by note by ear this masterpiece with Symphony Orchestra.
“He has done a spectacular job of transcribing all the arrangements on the album, by ear," explains Susana Sheiman. “It has been a wonderful goldsmith’s work. And so, the most beautiful thing is that the arrangements are just as they are on the album."

Fima Symphonic Orchestra
Conduction by Duccio Bertini

Commendable and titanic work that Bertini has been doing for a long time at Clasijazz, manifested, for example, in the series of educational concerts aimed at schoolchildren or the restauration of the original scores written by the arranger Claus Ogerman for Antônio Carlos Jobim albums of the sixties and seventies or the album “Focus" with Stan Getz and Eddie Sauter.