“..this is a wonderful project and for the listener it reveals a never-ending array of textures featuring very sophisticated writing by Duccio Bertini, excellent craftsmanship on the part of the Rainbow Jazz Orchestra.."
David Liebman

“..the orchestra plays its part very well and the ensemble work is disciplined and clearly well-rehearsed.."
George Hulme (Jazz Journal)

The Rainbow Jazz Orchestra is a jazz orchestra based in Florence (Italy), conducted by his leader, Duccio Bertini. The band is made up of some of the best young talents in Italian jazz music and musicians already active for some time in the italian and international jazz scene. The band plays original arrangements and compositions written by Duccio Bertini.
In 2014 the band has recorded a CD “A View On Standards" (with Perico Sambeat as special guest) published by spanish recording label Temps Record. The Rainbow Jazz Orchestra has performed with Benny Golson, Scott Hamilton, Jesse Davis, Ben Van Gelder, Dena DeRose, Perico Sambeat, Stefano Cocco Cantini, Marco Tamburini, Nico Gori, Emilio Soana and many others, and in Festivals such as Sesto Jazz Festival, Il Jazz Italiano per le Terre del Sisma, Grey Cat Jazz Festival and Ognissanti Suona il Jazz.

Rainbow Jazz Orchestra
Conductor, compositions and arrangements: Duccio Bertini
Saxophones: Renzo Telloli, Michele Tino, Marco Bini, Giovanni Pecchioli, Claudio Ingletti
Trumpets: Maurizio Pasqui, Mirco Rabitti, Nicola Cellai, Valerio Mazzoni
Trombones: Giovanni Comanducci, Paolo Acquaviva, Andrea Angeloni
Piano: Francesco Maccianti
Bass: Guido Zorn
Drums: Bernardo Guerra