In an interview, Achille Lauro, the famous rap and pop artist, retraces the incredible story that preceded the launch of the album “1920 – Achille Lauro & The Untouchable Band”, recorded in the “Serra del Sole” in Matera with the participation of numerous singers and musicians from Matera:
ÔÇťAchille Lauro’s journey through time continues. Started with 1969 about two years ago, passing this year from 1990 to go back and close back in time with 1920. Traveling through the ages not only looking at what was happening in politics and society in those years but also and above all a journey in the musical genres. Just 1920 closes this journey in a refined way made of jazz contaminations, swing and live performances with the big band from Matera Mifajazz directed by Maestro Dino Plasmati. “
And the guitarist and orchestra conductor from Matera proudly talks us of this prestigious artistic collaboration with Achille Lauro: “It was a careful and team work that led to an album full of sounds, rhythms and melodies. Today I would like to thank a few people, starting with my stratospheric orchestra, my dear friends and extraordinary musicians Flavio Boltro and Israel Varela, my dear friend and arranger Duccio Bertini, my pupils of the choir Valentina Pinto, Sara Rotunno, Francesco Milillo, Emanuele Schiavone; The audio video technicians (above all Leo Zagariello, Emanuele Braia, Marco Moretti, Francesco Porcari, Stechi).”