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..That's was incredible! Beautiful voice! Beautiful arrangement! Beautiful players! Thanks..what a wonderful surprise ...
Dave Burrell

Cròmatos Project was born from an idea by Franco Nesti and Duccio Bertini with the similar intent to make music principally inspired by the sounds and colors typical of the european contemporanery jazz.

An orchestral ensemble made up of multiple sounds; intelligently joined and mixed together during the compositions' development. Cròmatos Project is in continuous interaction with the sensuality of a male voice through the original elaboration of tones and atmosphere with ample room to breathe. The balance of the shapes and the use of various orchestral colors, thanks to the arrangements of Duccio Bertini (winner of the 2003 International BargaJazz Competition, as well as arranging, composing and conducting numerous other orchestral productions), allows for the deep voice of Franco Nesti (upright bass-singer with almost a thirty year resumè of rich, important collaborations; record productions; as well as participating in many national and international jazz music festivals) to develop itself and express itself with an extreme naturalness and with an interplay constantly rich with creativity.

The ensemble is composed of 12 musicians and is characterized by the presence of a traditional section of horns (subdivided between reeds and brass), and rhythm section, but with the possibility of modifying the original organics by adding other instrumental sections (flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, flugelhorns). Cròmatos Project is made up of some of the best young talents in Italian jazz music and musicians already active for some time in the italian and international jazz scene.

Cròmatos Project

Franco Nesti (voice), Duccio Bertini (conducting and arrangements)

Reeds: Giovanni Pecchioli (clarinet), Simone Santini (flute, alto sax, sopranino), Claudio Giovagnoli (tenor sax, soprano sax, flute), Rossano Emili (baritone sax, bass clarinet)

Trumpets, Flugelhorns: Luca Marianini, Nicola Cellai

Trombone: Silvio Bernardi

Bass: Gabriele Evangelista

Piano: Simone Graziano

Drums: Walter Paoli

Guest Star: Claudio Fasoli (tenor sax, soprano sax)

Featuring Titta Nesti  (voice)