"....I was impressed with the musicianship on your CD. Your skills prove that jazz writing is in very capable hands. I wish you much luck with your musical endeavors. I feel Duccio Bertini has a good future. ....."

Sammy Nestico (multiple Grammy Awards winner, arranger of the Count Basie Orchestra)

“...you are truly gifted as an arranger and composer...”

Bobby Watson (saxophone player, past member of Jazz Messengers)

"..what our Duccio Bertini has produced?...being firmly rooted in his own culture and history does not prevent him from looking around and looking forward. Quite the opposite. Indeed, a DNA brimming with curiosity and impervious to prejudice and provincialism eases his path, especially in languages such as orchestral jazz which demand a solid base in practical, hands-on ability, the ability to get on with people [musicians and non-musicians], clarity of mind in planning and developing and heavy-duty perseverance and dedication..."

Bruno Tommaso (double-bass player, arranger, conductor, past-director of European Youth Orchestra)

"...a very refined score which yet again hinges on timbre; a very rich palette that Bertini knows how to draw from, sometimes tracing sparkling, highly virtuoso orchestral tuttis..."

Luca Bragalini (musicologist, lecturer in the history and analysis of jazz at the Music Conservatories, member of the Italian Society of Afro-American Musicology)

Duccio Bertini is an arranger, composer and conductor from Florence (Italy). Actually he is developing his musical projects between Italy and Spain.

Born in Florence in 1968, he began the study of piano at the age eight under the guidance of his father Sergio, a pianist, who introduced jazz music to Duccio and so at an early age his passion for jazz ignites. At the age of 14, he starts the study of the clarinet with Dario Goracci of Maggio Musical Fiorentino Classical Orchestra and later he studied saxophone with Mirko Guerrini, Nico Gori, Marco Bini, Renato Cordovani, Daniele Malvisi, Pietro Tonolo and Barend Middlehoff. In 2008 he takes the Bachelor's Degree of Jazz Music (of three years) at the Music Conservatory of Bologna “G.B. Martini” (score: 110 out of 110).

He has studied jazz composition and arrangement with Klauss Lessmann, Giancarlo Gazzani, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Bruno Tommaso, Mario Raja, Roberto Spadoni. He attended as auditor film scoring music courses with the Oscar Prize Luis Bacalov at Scuola Chigiana (Siena). He has studied orchestra conducting with Carlomoreno Volpini, Alan Freiles Magnatta and conducting for Jazz Orchestra with Bruno Tommaso.

In the 2003 he wins the first prize at the 16th edition of the International Competion for Arrangement and Composition of BargaJazz, for the section C (with the presence in the jury of saxophone player Lee Konitz). From December 2003 and January 2004 he is assistant of Mario Raja for a Masterclass of jazz composition for combo. In 2004-2005 he is assistant of Giancarlo Gazzani for a Masterclass of jazz composition for bigband at SienaJazz course. In 2004 and 2005 he is finalist at the International Competition for Arrangement and Composition of BargaJazz, for the section B and A. In 2006 he is one of finalist of the 1st edition of International Competition for Arrangement and Composition of PiacenzaJazz. In 2005 he attends to Arrangement Workshop directed by Roberto Spadoni and Bruno Tommaso, at “Chieti in Jazz”

He has collaborated as conductor, arranger and composer in various groups of different types (combo, band, big band, symphonic orchestras) such as (list not comprehensive): “Millennium Bug’s Orchestra” directed by Mirko Guerrini (2004–2005), the “Blue JazzBand” (since 2001); “Verona improvisers Orchestra” (since 2007), Futura Jazz Orchestra (since 2007), deciBel Orchestra (since 2008), Cromatos Project (since 2009), Barcelona Jazz Orchestra (2012), Big Band Banda Municipal de Granada (Retroback Festival, Granada 2012), Cam Big Band (since 2012), Rainbow Jazz Orchestra (since 2012), Andalucia Big Band (2012, 2014, 2019), No Slavery Life Orchestra (2012), Original Jazz Orquesta del Taller de Musics (Barcelona, 2013, 2014, 2015), Royal Big Band (Stockholm, 2013), Collettivo Musicadabra Extended (Giotto Jazz Festival, 2013), USAL Big Band (Salamanca, 2013, 2015), Eskimo Jazz Band (2013, 2014), Città di Grosseto Symphonic Orchestra (tour summer 2013), La Locomotora Negra (Voll-Damn Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona, 2013), Florentine Swing Orchestra (2014), EMM Big Band (Vilafranca, 2015), Duccio Bertini Big Band (since 2015), LJP Big Band (2016), Clasijazz Big Band (since 2016), Florence Art Ensemble Symphonic Orchestra (La La Land in Concert Italy Tour, 2017), Ad Libitum Symphonic Orchestra (Valencia, 2018), Fima Symphonic Orchestra (Almeria, 2018), Oolyakoo Big Band (Granada, 2018) and many others.

Actually he is member of this following projects, having the opportunity to play in various concerts in Italy and abroad: Futura Jazz Orchestra, a jazz orchestra composed by 17 musicians, as director, composer and arranger; Rainbow Jazz Orchestra, a jazz orchestra based in Florence (Italy), as conductor and arranger; Duccio Bertini Big Band, a jazz orchestra based in Barcelona (Spain), composed by 17 musicians.

He has written more than 180 arrangements and compositions for combo (jazz, rock, blues, latin) and more than 120 arrangements and compositions for Big Band and jazz orchestras, and also suite for symphonic orchestra and some compositions for chamber music (string quartet, woodwind ensembles). In November 2013, the prestigious Association “Amici del Loggione del Teatro alla Scala” of Milan commissioned him to compose for string quartet and clarinet (“Quintet for Strings and Clarinet”), for a concert to be held in Milan.

In classical music, his compositions and arrangements have been performed by Indaco String Quartet, Ad Libitum Symphonic Orchestra and Orquesta Sinfonica Municipal de Campinas (Brazil).

He is also a versatile conductor working with symphonic orchestras in studio and live productions, such as La La Land in Concert (original american production) for Italy Tour.

In 2017 and 2019 he has been invited to partecipate at the Poster Session at International Jazz Composers Symposium organized by ISJAC (International Society of Jazz Arrangers and Composers) in USA, in Tampa, Florida and Greeley, Colorado.

In 2018 he has been been voted as third among the best italian jazz arrangers for Jazzit magazine (Readers Poll).

In 2018 he was member of the jury of International Competition for Arrangement and Composition for Big Band in Granada (Spain), conducting also the orchestra that performed the finalist compositions.

As professor, he taught courses and Masterclass on Big Band Conduction, Jazz Arranging and Composition for Combo or large ensembles at many schools, such as Taller de Musics (Barcelona), Universidad de Salamanca (Spain), SedaJazz (Valencia). ClasiJazz (Almeria) and Scuola CAM (Florence, Italy).

He taught as Professor on contract of Jazz Arranging and Composition at Music Conservatory of Potenza (Italy) in 2016, 2017 and 2019; and as Professor on contract of Jazz Composition at Music Conservatory of Pavia (Italy) in 2019.

He has partecipated at various Festivals such as (list not comprehensive): Festival “On the Road” of Pelago (1994), 50th edition of the International Festival of Mandorlo in Fiore in Agrigento (1995), International Festival of SchlossHof 2004 (Neustadt on der Aisch, Germany), 13th edition of International Festival of Dixieland in Tarragona (Spain), Civitavecchia Summer 2005, Cittadella "Jazz and More" 2006 of Viareggio, TschirgArt Jazzfestival 2007 (Imst, Austria), Valsugana Jazz Tour 2007, Millenium Concert (Rignano sull'Arno, 2008), Retroback Festival (Granada, 2012), Giotto Jazz Festival 2013, Sesto Jazz Festival 2016, Jazzit Festival 2016, Jazz Italiano per le Terre del Sisma 2018, Grey Cat Jazz Festival 2019 and many others. He performs regular concerts in Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden and Austria.

He has collaborated with Benny Golson, Arturo Sandoval, Scott Hamilton, Bobby Watson, Jesse Davis, Ben Van Gelder, Perico Sambeat, Gianni Basso, Claudio Fasoli, Flavio Boltro, Fabrizio Bosso, Marco Tamburini, David Pastor, Ruben Simeo, Fabio Morgera, Nico Gori, Mirko Guerrini, Ignasi Terrasa, Karima, Dirotta su Cuba and many others.

His biography is quoted in the encyclopedia of italian jazz “Dizionario del Jazz Italiano” (edited by Feltrinelli) by Flavio Caprera.

Selected Discography

As a Leader:

Duccio Bertini & Susana Sheiman - “A Day in Barcelona” (Temps Record, TR1604-GE16)

Duccio Bertini & Rainbow Jazz Orchestra - “A View on Standards” (Temps Record, TR1474-GE14)

Franco Nesti & Duccio Bertini - “Cromatos Project” (Caligola Records 2136)

Duccio Bertini Quintet - “Moving Off” (Splasc(h) Records CDH1539.2)

Futura Jazz Orchestra - "Introducing FJO" (Relampago F-0019)

Futura Jazz Orchestra - “Live at Teatro Metastasio 2010” (video) (Relampago F-0018)

As a Featured Composer/Arranger

Francesco Cusa & The Assassins meets Duccio Bertini - “Black Poker” (Clean Feed Records, CF504CD)

Dino Plasmati & LJP Big Band w/Bobby Watson - “Matera Encounters” (Alfa Music AFMCD207)

David Pastor & Back To Brass - “Engantxats a Monk” (Omix Records - Warner Bros Music Spain 5419705912)

Franco Nesti - “Versus” (FN1 - 2015)